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Maximize your advertising dollars by connecting with more than 50,000 West Coast Disney employees.

We know when you make a decision to advertise, you have choices about where to direct your marketing budget. We recognize it can be difficult to find a publication that brings with it a significant built-in audience eager to find local businesses that provide special offers and discounts.

The Disneyland Resort Line magazine and Incredible Discounts directory offer advertising space in many size options that fit any budget.


More than 30,000 Disneyland Resort employees (we call them “cast members”) enjoy our biweekly, 20-page magazine, the Disneyland Resort Line, while our annual I.D. IncredibleDiscounts directory is made availableto an additional 15,000Disney employees on the West Coast.


We publish digital editions of both publications that can be downloaded from our company intranet, providing advertisers with additional exposure to those cast members and employees who may not pick up a print copy. For our Line advertisers, we also post your advertisement to our digital sites at no additional charge, increasing readership to 50,000.

Far Reaching

In addition to Disney employees across Southern California, our publications also reach their families and friends, who purchase products and services that are available across the region and beyond.

Many of these products and services come from businesses like yours.

Discover how we can put your advertising dollars to work.

Take a moment to download the media kits. As you review these documents, you’ll see that advertising options are presented by size, price, issue date and deadline. Once you’ve had an opportunity to review our offerings, please call us to talk more about how we can tailor short- or long-term advertising opportunities to help you achieve your business goals.

Advertising Media Kits & Contact Information
Advertising Contact

Wendy Schoeman
Phone: 714.781.1786

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